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2014 – NYPA Joins Anti-Piracy coalition – CreativeFuture

Mission Statement

CreativeFuture promotes the value of creativity in today’s digital age. We embrace expanded audience access to content in ways that reward creativity and hard work. We are united in opposition to for-profit theft of creative works, which jeopardizes the rights of all creative individuals, puts jobs at risk, and undermines new business models and distribution platforms. Our mission is to empower the creative community to speak with one collective and powerful voice – advancing a positive, dynamic vision of a digital future that better serves audiences and artists alike.

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ACTvF – Academy for Careers in Television and Film

Do you have internship or summer job opportunities for top NYC high school students?
Training presentations, facility tours, craft specialist to include in our resource roster?
Contact to get connected with our partner high school

High school seniors need opportunities ranging from 8-16 weeks, ideally 3 days a week.
Students are generally available in the afternoons (1:30-5pm) Monday thru Friday.
ACTvF will facilitate all paperwork for the students and will issue school credit.

Five years ago, members of the New York Production Alliance (NYPA), an industry advocacy organization, approached New Visions for Public Schools with an idea for a high school in western Queens that would connect students to industry employment opportunities. In April 2007, a team of industry professionals and educators began to define how private industry and public education could collaborate to support a small and rigorous Career and Technical Education (CTE) school. The Academy for Careers in Television and Film (ACTvF) is unique in providing students with meaningful entry points into a range of career paths, including a variety of “below-the-line” positions almost entirely neglected by existing high school programs. The membership of NYPA, the school’s lead partner, represents a cross section of the industry and includes the owners of New York’s major studios, top producers and directors, unions, and scores of other industry businesses and organizations. Through this partnership, students benefit from unprecedented opportunities to work alongside industry professionals and gain valuable experience to support their career and academic aspirations.

excerpt from Sept 10, NY Post

While New York City’s most elite and selective schools accept only kids with top grades and test scores, others take students who struggled in middle school — and then work wonders. The best of these inclusive schools strive to whip students into shape for a top college or well-paying career. The Department of Education and, an independent guide to public schools, identified some up-and-coming gems.

The Academy for Careers in Television and Film

36-41 28th St., Queens
Near the TV and movie studios in Long Island City, this school founded in 2008 has quickly become one of the city’s most popular and successful.
It offers students the chance to make movies, commercials, and TV shows while taking regular academic classes. They get internships or summer jobs in the industry, thanks to school partners, including Silver Cup Studios, the Tribeca Film Institute and the Museum of the Moving Image.
It offers four APs, including calculus; Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese.
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NYPA is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit engaged in governmental lobbying and independent advocacy for job creation, retention and community organization within New York State’s Film and Television industry.