Reasons to Join

As a collective voice of New York State and New York City’s film, television,
commercial and post production industry, NYPA represents over 75,000
people giving our members a unified and loud voice in the issues affecting their

We have, and will continue to, lobby local and state lawmakers to ensure
the continuation of programs that create and promote jobs. NYPA as an
organization, participates in festivals, expos, trades shows, government events
and other guild and union panels, We are committed to contributing to our
industry and being connected to and supportive of our community.

NYPA gathers information from all member organizations and lets you
know about the events and news that are important to you. We give you the
opportunity to really know what is going on in the industry so you can participate,
learn and share your knowledge with others. Together we are stronger.

Membership gives you the chance to have an impact on regional policy and
perception. Moreover, we are committed to supporting the emerging future
leaders in industry craft and commerce.

By joining the New York Production Alliance today, you can ensure your future
now as well as the tomorrow of our thriving community.