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Cider House musicians
Joceyln Arndt * Natalie Gelman * Kris Gruen *   Motopony * Peppina * Grace Weber

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*****2015 Schedule of Events – Free and open to public*****

FRIDAY, 1/23/2015 (MST time)
11:00 am               PANEL: New York Networking Town Hall
DESCRIPTION:  New York Lounge participants, including sponsors and industry guests, will convene to discuss their 2015 projects and priorities for productions in New York and beyond.  Our Town Hall is an open and collaborative networking event. We invite you to join us and meet other successful members of the New York Production Community.

2:00 pm                 PANEL
:  Crowdfunding
DESCRIPTION: Crowdfunding has become an integral tool for independent producers looking to finance their projects and grow their audiences. On this blue ribbon panel, crowdfunding experts and Sundance producers will share success stories and best practices for maximizing your next crowdfunding campaign — and growing your audience at the same time.
MODERATOR / HOST: Steven Beer – Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo (FWRV)

PANELISTS:  Crowdfunding panelist bios
Emily Best (Seed & Spark)
Kristen Konvitz (Indiegogo)
Dan Schoenbrun (Kickstarter)
Sara Kiener (Film Presence)
Michael Nichols (“Welcome to Leith” – Sundance 2015)
Christopher Walker (“Welcome to Leith” – Sundance 2015)

SATURDAY, 1/24/15 (MST time)
11:00 am    PANEL: Directors of Photography – The Craft of Indie Cinematography
DESCRIPTION: A panel of cinematographers with films at Sundance will discuss the status of the craft of cinematography.  The moderated discussion will cover topics ranging from camera and lens choices to the collaboration with the entire creative team.

Kristian Kachikis, (Dog Bowl)
Chris Rejano (A Million Miles Away)
Dagmar Weaver-Madsen (Unexpected)
David Kruta (Wallace)

2:30 pm                PANEL: Blockbuster Post on an Indie Budget
Light Iron logo - b&w
DESCRIPTION: Good, fast, cheap: pick two.  Work smarter not harder.  Put your money on the screen. Our panelists share how to rise above the clichés to make your “work” flow. From production to post, this discussion will help you leverage technology and find expert partners to take your project to the next level.
MODERATORS / HOST : Megan Marquis and Paul Geffre, Light Iron
Kyle Alvarez, Director, The Stanford Prison Experiment
Luca Borghese, Producer, Ten Thousand Saints
Rik DeLisle, Panavision
Todd Labarowski, Producer, The World Made Straight

SUNDAY, 1/25/15 (MST time)
8:30-9:30am    PANEL:  State of the Slate:  Films at Sundance – A Production Incentives  
DESCRIPTION: What does every producer with a film in the 2015 Sundance Film Festival have in common?  They had to determine where they would shoot, and if production incentives would play a role in their production’s completion.
Join Moderator Joe Chianese, EVP of EP Financial Solutions, as he leads a panel featuring the top independent producers of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, along with the film commissioners and incentive specialists who helped them bring their projects to completion.
MODERATOR: Joe Chianese, EVP of EP Financial Solutions
HOSTS: Variety 411 in association with EP Financial Solutions, Producers Guild of America, Association of Film Commissioners International and Oakwood Worldwide.
Bonnie Curtis– Producer, “Last Days in the Desert”
Houston King – Producer, “Results”
John Hadity – EVP, EP Financial Solutions
Kim LeBlanc – Production Consultant, Texas Film Commission
Julie Lynn – Producer, “Last Days in the Desert”
Carroll Morton – Managing Entertainment Industry Development,  City of New Orleans
Celine Rattray – Producer, “Ten Thousand Saints”
Susannah Greason Robbins, Executive Director, San Francisco Film Commission
Amanda Marshall, Producer, “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”
Jeremy Kipp Walker, Executive Producer, “Mississippi Grind”

9:30-10:30am    Open House Filmmakers Breakfast hosted by Entertainment Partners  Come and mingle with your fellow filmmakers here at Sundance.

11:00 am               PANEL:  Production
FRAWE173097_01 LogoDESCRIPTION:  Learn from the pros. Producing independent films requires a broad range of skills and expertise.  Our panel features some of today’s most successful producers and industry leaders who will share their practical insights and best business practices.
MODERATOR/HOST: Matt Lefferts – Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo (FWRV)
Peter Gilbert (“Unexpected” – Sundance 2015)
Chris Webber (“Unexpected” – Sundance 2015)
Nancy Schafer (8750 Films)
Claudine Marrotte (“I Am Michael” – Sundance 2015)
Jake Levy (FWRV)
Kimberley Skyrme (KS Casting)
Melanie Miller (Fishbowl)

2:00 pm     PANEL: JVC 4KCAM: From Digital Revolution to 4K Resolution  jvckenwood
DESCRIPTION: Developed through years of market research, the new JVC 4KCAM line of camcorders have been developed to meet the needs of independent cinematographers, documentarians and photographers.  We will discuss the path of independent digital cinematic storytelling to the technology breakthroughs that have made the creation of the latest products possible, featuring the new JVC GY-LS300 4K Super35mm camcorder.  JVC new launch of 4KCAM at Lounge
: Craig Yanagi – JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation

MONDAY 1/26/15 (MST time)
8am-9:30am    Breakfast hosted by Fred Siegel, CPA

9:30-10:30am    Breakfast hosted by Producers Gabriel and Rafael Francisco of Francisco Productions will be premiering the movie trailer for the much anticipated feature film, “The Lennon Report”. Based on a true story, this full feature film depicts the fateful night John Lennon was shot and killed in New York City, as told by those who lived it.  The film stars Richard Kind, Stef Dawson, Evan Jonigkeit, Stephen Spinella, David Zayas, Adrienne C. Moore, Karen Tsen Lee, Devin Ratray, William Peden, Walter Vincent and Gregory Barr.
Attending: *Stef Dawson, Richard Kind, David Zayas, Rafael & Gabriel Francisco, Sirad Balducci and award-winning director (Jeremy Profe) Q&A immediately following the screening.

11:00 am               PANEL: Money Ball Production Accounting and Related Business Essentials
Moses and Schreiber cpa bc
DESCRIPTION: What kind of corporation should you set up as your production vehicle? What taxes do you have to pay on the money raised from crowdfunding? How can you best leverage tax credits and other soft money opportunities to finance your film? Our experienced film accountants, production attorneys and finance specialists will address these and other challenges you are likely to face when financing and producing your film.
HOST: Moses & Schreiber, Certified Public Accountants, Business Consultants
Ken Weinrib, Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo (FWRV)
Gary Schreiber (Moses & Schreiber)
Joe Chianese (EP Financial Solutions)
Julie Angell (FWRV)
Julie Nives (Miracle Management)

4:00 pm                 PANEL: Independent Financing
DESCRIPTION: EP Financial Solutions is hosting a panel of experts to discuss the financing issues that need to be considered and various options to get your independent film produced. Listen to our experts exchange relevant tips and tricks of the trade.  After the panel, stay to continue the discussion one-on-one and network with other filmmakers.
Entertainment Partners

6:00 – 8:00 pm – CIDER HOUSE SESSIONS: Leading music artists perform in our Lounge  Joceyln Arndt * Natalie Gelman * Kris Gruen *   Motopony * Peppina * Grace Weber

TUESDAY, 1/27/15 (MST time)
11:00 am               PANEL
:  Distribution Trends
DESCRIPTION:  There are more options for film distribution than ever before. Players from both the traditional and emerging world of distribution will address the wide and increasingly complicated array of distribution options for filmmakers to create integrated success plans tailored to achieve their unique goals.

MODERATOR/HOST: Steven Beer- Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo (FWRV)

Richard Lorber (Kino Lorber)
Peter Broderick (Paradigm Consulting)
Brian Parsons (Tugg Releasing)
Jason Ward (Candy Factory Distribution)
Logan Mulvey (Alchemy Distribution)
Christie Marchese (Picture Motion)

2:00 pm                 PANEL: Music in Film
DESCRIPTION: The use of music and film can enhance the value of a production. Licensing music for films is an essential creative and business skill. A failure to understand the licensing process however can frustrate a filmmaker’s objectives and lead to post production chaos. Our expert panelists will demystify the licensing process and share creative and budget-friendly strategies for empowered producers.
MODERATOR/HOST: Steven Beer- Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo (FWRV)

Jeff Jernigan (ASCAP)
Fermin Rojas (DKR Films)
Barry Cole (Music Supervisor)
Jennifer Lane (Production Manager)
Charles Newman (Mother West Records)
Peppina (Music Artist)

Inquiries?  info@nypa.org

The New York Lounge in Park City, presented by the New York Production Alliance, has developed into an enormously successful and high profile event over the last 15 years. By transforming an ordinary storefront on Main Street in Park City into a central meeting spot, festival resource and impromptu New York-centric headquarters we attract producers, directors, actors, distributors, suppliers, festival attendees, and a host of other industry professionals. With sponsors signage and literature prominently on display, The NY Lounge is a lightning rod for networking opportunities by bringing our sponsors face to face with industry attendees in a relaxed, dynamic and welcoming environment, providing fresh New York bagels, coffee, hot apple cider, and NY♥FILM promotional materials to all who enter.

One of the highlights of The NY Lounge in Park City is our highly acclaimed series of industry panel discussions featuring thought leaders and experts from across the entertainment industry. These standing room only panels give attendees the opportunity to have serious and valuable interaction with the experts that they need to know. Wrapping up the daytime events are “The Ciderhouse Sessions” featuring up and coming indie musicians flown in from New York specifically for the NY Lounge.

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NY Lounge Presentation Deck 2015
NY Lounge Sponsor Deck 2015

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Lounge panels from 2014

New York Empowerment Town Hall
DESCRIPTION:  New York Lounge participants, including sponsors and industry guests, will discuss new developments, resources, and opportunities available for successful filmmaking in New York and beyond.

The Devil’s In The Deliverables how to plan successful workflow strategies for indie films in our modern digital world.

Audience Building including interactive marketing campaigns, live events and tours, free and cheap publicity, engaging blogs, the benefit of multi-platform projects, and more.

Distribution Trends Players from both the traditional and emerging worlds of distribution will address the wide and expanding options

Visual Effects  the new companies that have opened in NY, the new facilities that have been built in NY and the new visual effects tax incentives that have been passed in NY.

Film Financing Roundtable experts address and explore traditional and emerging avenues to finance independent film projects in New York and beyond

Content Creators as Entrepreneurs Join representatives from the Inaugural Dogfish Accelerator program as they dive into what it means to be an entrepreneur working at the forefront of content creation and monetization. They are prepared to share the tools, best practices, and insights they’ve discovered while launching their companies.

Production Producing independent films is an evolving art form.  Successful production requires collaboration with experienced and problem-solving professionals. Our panel features some of New York’s most successful producers who will share their practical insights. The panel will highlight NY’s vast reservoir of resources, cast, crew and production facilities.