The New York Production Alliance represents the unified voice of the film, television and commercial production, and post production industry in New York City and New York State. Representing over 100,000 workers, together we promote, grow, and strengthen the entertainment industry in New York!


The seed that led to the formation of The New York Production Alliance was an idea that had been discussed for many years among industry professionals. However, it needed nurturing and devotion in the form of focused leadership in order to come to fruition.

In response to this need, The New York Production Alliance (NYPA) was founded in 1998 by a group of film and television industry leaders in the dining room of an upper west side apartment in Manhattan. The objective of the volunteer leaders was to form an association of key entertainment industry stakeholders to promote and expand production and post production in New York State. So fertile was the soil for this idea come to life, that immediately groups like The Association for a Better New York and volunteer lawyers and accountants joined to help set up the group, create by-laws and structure the organization.

Gaining Momentum

Decisions were made that while this new organization would be a force for lobbying and speaking out about issues, it would constantly endeavor to find the common ground needed to speak with a single, powerful voice of the industry. It was realized that the key to the success of NYPA was the decision to not take sides on issues between labor, management and industry but rather be the sounding board and pathway to finding a balance that worked for all.

By 2000, the alliance had grown to 49 member groups representing the unified voice of over 70,000 individuals. Membership includes representatives from craft and talent unions, productions companies, production service companies, sound stages and post production facilities. That same year, NYPA helped initiate a study to determine film and television production’s economic impact on New York. The results emphasized the importance of the entertainment industry to the State and the City and provided a statistical basis for creating new programs to support this major source of revenue, culture and status.


NYPA has always worked tirelessly to help secure the present and future of the entertainment industry in New York State and City as an industry organizer.

In 2003, NYPA participated in the redrafting of the New York State Film Production Credit; in the following year NYPA was a primary industry advocacy group working for passage of legislation that ensured inclusion of industry members under COBRA insurance regulations.In its continuing support of the industry, NYPA has spearheaded pro-industry meetings with government officials and industry discussions on competitive issues and problems impeding production. Perhaps most importantly, from the beginning of the New York State Film Production Credit era in 2004, NYPA has been in the trenches fighting to extend and expand this indispensable program which has created tens of thousands of jobs for New Yorkers. Whether it was organizing and leading demonstrations and rallies in Albany or testifying in front of a Senate committee on the value and importance of the program, NYPA has been at the forefront.

The Present

With its diverse membership representing a coalition of labor, industry and vendors and its ongoing, outspoken advocacy, NYPA truly is the unified voice of the entertainment industry in New York State and New York City.
We are working to keep us all working. We are a 501(c)(6) nonprofit engaged in governmental lobbying and independent advocacy for job creation, retention and community organization within New York State’s Film and Television industry.