Feed the Freelancers

Feed The Freelancers
 During our weekly Member update call, Eva Radke (Board-Elect) brought the group’s attention to Feed the Freelancers, a group dedicated to getting food to non-union freelancers. As a group, non-union freelancers have been hit particularly hard by lack of work, delays in receiving standard and pandemic unemployment benefits, and being disqualified for other programs of assistance. 

As of this mailing, the group is $4,000 short of their goal for this week’s deliveries. It was suggested we put out the call to our community to fill this gap. We have already had $500 pledged toward the $4,000 goal, with more expected today. To donate at this time, please see the group’s GoFundMe page by clicking here.

For additional ways to help, or if you need assistance, please click here.