NYPA in The News: Getting Back to Work

Executive Vice President Mike Jackman was featured prominently in an article in Fortune discussing the industry’s efforts to get back to work.

“We’re starting to hear industry-wide, that people are hoping for mid-July, late July, August, September to get back into pre-production or production,” Jackman tells Fortune. “It will obviously be subject to the realities of the world.”

“Readily available testing that is fast and accurate” would probably be most helpful to get productions back to work, Jackman says. Some, including the BBC and Tyler Perry, have thrown around the possibility of quarantining cast and crew together for productions—an idea that Jackman acknowledges might be more complicated, though not entirely out of the question.

“It will involve more sacrifice on the part of the cast and crew not seeing their families for a longer period of time, but we will treat it like we are on a film shooting in a remote location and isolate for the prep and shoot,” he says.

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