Phase 3 Filming Restrictions

Per the New York Forward Website:

No principal photography is permitted that congregates a total of over 25 people together for one shoot. For shoots with fewer than 25 people, businesses should fill out and maintain a business safety plan consistent with DOH guidance on site. Please see here for a business safety plan template: Productions should continue to monitor this tool and for more detailed guidance for motion picture and video production is released. For scouting-related activities, please see and affirm the real estate guidelines, which are available here: For office-related pre- and post-production activities, please see and affirm the following guidance: For construction-related pre- and post-production activities, please see and affirm the construction guidelines: 

In order to operate, you must comply with all safety guidelines for your industry, as well as any additional health and safety guidance issued by the state. Please click here to read applicable guidelines. 

You must affirm that you have read and understand your obligation to operate in accordance with the guidance at the bottom of the document. Please note that in order to be fully compliant, you must develop a business safety plan. You can find a link to a business safety plan template after you complete your affirmation.

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