Requested: Film Industry Feeds the Front Line

This effort was brought to our attention to pass along to members as another way to help. This campaign is aimed at having catering trucks provide hot to go meals to hospital workers for free. They have already raised nearly $60,000 for meals.  They hope to have their first truck running this Saturday at Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, with additional trucks working soon.

To learn more information and to support this effort, 
please click here.

I hope this finds you all healthy and safe and staying sane in this unprecedented time. After seeing a news clip of a LONG ISLAND HOSPITAL Emergency Room Administrator describing the lack of food available for those working on the front line of the Covid 19 pandemic in our hospitals; a good friend wanted to jump in and help.   

We are all making sure our loved ones and families and friends are OK.  Here is an opportunity to help those that are literally putting their lives on the line daily, with a simple donation. Henry’s catering (Henry’s International) has generously offered to mobilize their kitchens at no cost and minimal staffing to provide hot, fresh, TO-GO meals for hospital staff personnel.   

The hospital only needs to provide a parking space or two.  We are starting with a Long island Hospital.  Parking at NYC Hospitals will be more challenging but not impossible and might require adding one security person or necessitate distributing food inside rather than at the truck.  We are exploring these options.  NJ and CT Hospitals are also being explored. 

The ask here is BIG!  But the results will be even bigger!!  And immediate!! We are looking to individuals, studios, unions, guilds, vendors, corporations and anyone willing to help feed those risking their lives to save others. Costs are estimated at $10/meal or less.  $5000/day feeds 500 people.  Maybe more!!! 

Please click on the FILM INDUSTRY FEEDS THE FRONT LINE link and visit the Go Fund Me Page. Consider a donation.  Then send this to those you know will want to join the cause. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration

Andrew Saxe